my name is karma and i'm 19. try having old men sing "karma chameleon" to you while you're working it's no fun
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My morning > your morning

So jealous!

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Proving his talents aren’t limited to the ice, Phil Kessel finished second in the NHL Alumni Charity Poker Tournament presented by, beating out top poker talent and NHL Alumni to claim a share of the $100,000 charity prize-pool.

Kessel will donate the $15,000 second place prize to SickKids Foundation, and will add $15,000 of his own money to make a total donation of $30,000.


I was not even a little bit prepared for this photograph. Jesus.

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Hockey at the Victoria rink in Montreal, ca. 1893. Note the early version of the hockey goalposts.

(original image is part of McCord Museum collections)

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Leon Draisaitl and the important question.
… I can’t get over his smirk.

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@jlupul: Well… I prefer it to Jeff

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The Stamkos Coca Cola.

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I think this is so important.

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Rihanna whining

this is magical


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When you ask your mom a simple question & she yells her response.


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Kevin Darveau chirps Zach Fucale in french (and doesn’t believe he actually reads) on the way to Val D’Or.

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i’m going to buy the duck whistle from that duck dynasty show and move to anaheim and follow ryan kesler around and blow it every time he tries to speak

if he asks me what i’m doing i’ll say “keslurking” and eat a slice of pizza while staring at the camera like i’m on the office

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